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Residential Siding Washing in Florence Oregon

Siding washing can make an immediate impact on the look of your home.

However, the results of siding washing will vary greatly depending on your home’s type of siding. Different materials get dirty with different types of stains and pollutants. Additionally, the properties of various siding materials will greatly affect the results of cleaning. Finally, the method of siding wash, of which there are several, can affect the results.

Different Siding Materials, Different Siding Washing Methods.

The most common siding types in the Florence area are cedar (bevel, pattern, tongue and groove or shingle) and fiber cement (a composite product.) A fair amount of vinyl is also used in this area, as well as plywood-based products, stucco, brick, stone or cultured stone to a lesser degree. Aluminum and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) are only occasionally seen, which is fortunate in the case of EIFS, since it was a terrible choice for our environment. With such a diverse selection, you can see how the results may vary.

Vinyl siding, since it is a closed cell petroleum-based product, does not absorb much. Rather than having stains penetrate deep into it, vinyl siding tends to collect surface pollutants and organisms. As a result, it tends to get dirty more quickly than other siding types. However, the results, once properly cleaned, are virtually always drastic and beautiful.

More porous siding types, such as cedar or stucco, are completely different. With these materials, stains “soak in”, so to speak. Particularly once the paint starts aging and losing some of its protection capabilities, fungus and mildew begin to penetrate the surfaces. These siding types are usually a little slower to show dirt and grime. Due to the penetration of the pollutants, even a very thorough siding washing will often still leave embedded stains that are visible. The results are less spectacular when compared to the results of washing vinyl so it’s critical that expectations are reasonable.

We provide a complete coverage of professional cleaning services for residential & commercial properties. Our services include power washing and pressure cleaning for fences & decks, driveways, walkways & pool enclosures as well as gutter face cleaning, house washing, and exterior stone building cleaning. We have the capability to clean almost all siding types and sizes. Regardless if its cedar siding or simple hardie plank, we have a method to clean it.


We have the ability to clean the following fence and decking materials:  composite, metal, vinyl, and wood.   Composite decks are one of our specialties as we are able to kill and remove the mold growth that is now present in the material.


Our cleaning technicians will clean your gutter interiors, collect and bag all debris, examine gutter guards for proper installation, flush the gutter drainage system, and inspect the overall integrity of your gutter system.  Next, we clean the gutter face exterior and downspouts.  Our specialty oxidation removal solutions will restore your gutters to a freshly painted appearance.


We use a pressure washer with the right spray tip to remove any algae, moss, liken, mold, dirt, spider webs and any other types of growth from natures disposal. Each different siding style is treated as its own and we use the right tip for all types of siding cleaning. We do this for preparing for a new paint job, spring clean fresh up for the summer time, and or to preserve the new look of your home.  


We have the equipment and ability to power wash or pressure clean most any surface. Our pressure washing service includes driveways, sidewalks, paths, fencing, patio furniture, and more.  See the difference a professional pressure cleaning can make.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Cleaning

What Types of Residential Property Do You Clean?

We serve all types of residential properties including homes, town houses, apartments, condominiums and mobile home communities. To learn more about our residential exterior cleaning services and property types, visit our Commercial Services Page.

How Often Should I Clean My Home or Property’s Siding?

Major vinyl siding manufacturers recommend a thorough and safe cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Removing buildups of dirt, debris, mold, algae and oxidation help prolong the longevity of your siding and make it look its best.

Do I Need To Be Home When You’re Working On My Property?

Not at all. However, if you won’t be home when we are servicing your property, We do require that you close all windows, clear your driveway or deck of all items such as furniture, grills, planters, etc., and remove any fragile decorations on your home or deck.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a technique that treats the infection of the stain and lets the cleaning solutions sanitize, doing 100% of the work, killing all mildew, algae and lichens at the root, not just the surface.  This creates a longer lasting clean with no damaging pressure or harsh chemicals.  Soft washing only uses 1/3 the water than pressure washing and is better for your home, family and the environment.   

Still Have Questions? Read more FAQ’s or Contact James at Arrowhead Roof Cleaning & Exteriors Today.

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